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Eye exam

The importance of a comprehensive eye exam for seniors

Who are at risk for age-related eye diseases and disorders is imperative. Presbyopia and other issues can alter your visual acuity, while occupational stresses and undiagnosed eye diseases present risk and problems of their own. That's why Hauppauge Vision Center offers adults quality eye exams. Even after the eyes have finished growing and developing throughout the teenage years, additional changes may still occur -- including problems that may threaten your eyesight or eye comfort.

Eye diseases can also begin during the adult years, damaging the eyes without always producing symptoms. In diseases such as glaucoma, irreversible damage can progress for years without the early detection and treatment made possible by an eye exam. Company work environments contribute to potential causes of adult eye trouble, notably computer vision syndrome, causing digital eye strain, eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, dry eye and other distressing symptoms.

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